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Our Mission

Tree of Gold is a series of Systems that walks humanity on a bridge towards evolution. It is a road map that illuminates each step necessary for each person to reach their highest reflection and their golden heart. 

Alessandra Solari



About Alessandra

Alessandra Solari has served for many years as a teacher and counselor. Born and educated in Chile, Solari's intuitive gifts became apparent very early. At just nine years old, she began applying her age-defying wisdom to help her family and those in need around her as she traveled the world. She began her journey of self-discovery at the age of 14, and after many years of inner searching, she accepted she was born to enlighten a change in the global mindset.



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Our Jewelry

Tree of Gold Jewels are created to inspire the expression of our soul’s voice through our golden hearts. Celebrating the unique dance between wisdom and design.


"If we are all seeds of self-acceptance, we will grow to become a magical forest."

— Alessandra Solari



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Our Classes

 Our classes are designed to guide each individual on their path to insight and self-understanding.  The goal is self-mastery as it creates self-celebration which is a key to happiness. These classes will help to establish a balanced life – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Systems of Wisdom